What are Clinical Trials and why we need them?

Without the studying the effectiveness and safety of a medical, surgical or behavioural intervention on humans we wouldn’t be able to prevent, diagnosis and treat many of the diseases we have in today’s world. It is clinical research that provides a means for this, especially with complex health diseases such as cancer. We will focus … Continue reading What are Clinical Trials and why we need them?


Real Neat Blog Award & My Nominees

Thank you so much to Dear Kitty, who has nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award. This is now my second award since starting this blog a month ago and it feels great! My seven questions are: Where do most visits to your blog come from? Most of my visitors are from the UK, … Continue reading Real Neat Blog Award & My Nominees

How global warming is harming our health

We know global warming threatens our natural environment, but now we are beginning to witness the effects of global warming on our health. The Earth has always had natural cycle of warming and cooling. The natural greenhouse effect maintains the Earth’s temperature at an optimal level, so that life can exist. In the past, the … Continue reading How global warming is harming our health

Thank You for your support!

Wow! I now have 100 followers within 2 weeks of starting my blog! You guys have been so positive and welcoming, I am blessed to be a part of this community. When I first started this blog I wasn't sure how it would turn out. All I wanted was to have a platform where I … Continue reading Thank You for your support!

The 2017 Liebster Award Nominees

As a new blogger, I am grateful to be nominated for the Liebster Award 2017. Thank you to womenhealthstyleblog. Please check out her blog; a former athlete who writes blogs to inspire women to be healthy and happy. She has some great tips and tricks to stay healthy (https://womenhealthstyleblog.wordpress.com/category/tips-and-tricks-to-stay-healthy/). She also writes poems and paints. … Continue reading The 2017 Liebster Award Nominees

My First Liebster Award

First of all congratulations to womenhealthstyleblog! You have a great blog indeed! Thank you for nominating me. I am still new to all this, it is my first time to hear about the Liebster award. I am very pleased to hear you find my blog fascinating and you cannot wait to read more 🙂 I accept this award and will write a post on this soon, and think about who I would like to nominate.

Women's HealthStyle

Liebster is a German word which means dearest. This award is designed to help smaller bloggers with less than 200 followers get more exposure with the help of other bloggers.  It is a great way to get your words out by getting the word out with other bloggers.

Thank you to Gorgeousmantra for nominating me for my first Liebster Award.  You should check out her blog on DIY remedies on skincare and hair care.  I loved her DIY Green Tea Scrub for beautiful skin.  I love body scrubs, especially when they are so easy to make. (There is an awesome recipe to follow on her site).

My Nominees 

Please click their links below to check out what they are writing about.

1. The Molecular Biologist

2. Marmat Forte

3. Vwani

4. M.B. Henry

5. rextonblog

My Favorite Blog

I follow many bloggers with different niche, but I would have…

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Does stress affect the risk of cancer?

A little bit of stress is good for us – it makes us alert for the situations that require our attention. But being stressed all the time is worse for you than you think. Everyday stress is a trigger for tumour growth. Or, is this just another controversial cancer claim? What is stress? In medical … Continue reading Does stress affect the risk of cancer?

Excessive sugar consumption potentially leads to cancer

Most of us are guilty of having a sweet tooth, despite the number of studies showing the association between sugar and diabetes, heart disease and mental health. Cancer cells are nasty little bullies. They do things they shouldn’t and break a lot of biological rules to cause destruction to the body. They are also very … Continue reading Excessive sugar consumption potentially leads to cancer

What you need to know about Cervical cancer

HPV infection is responsible for an alarming rate of more than half a million cancer cases worldwide and more than 250,000 deaths per year, where females are mainly affected by cervical cancer. What is HPV? HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus, a small DNA virus belonging to the family of Papillomaviridae. There are more than 100 HPV … Continue reading What you need to know about Cervical cancer

What exactly is Cancer?

Too often, we hear the word “cancer", whether it's in the news, or because we have lost a loved one to it, or maybe you have been told "You have cancer". Cancer is unlike other diseases, it is not contagious, and one cancer is completely different to another. Cancer is just one of the names given to … Continue reading What exactly is Cancer?